Thinking about hiring a wedding planner?

Debating about whether to hire a wedding planner? Here are some fab reasons to get you started.

Melanie - Cranberry Blue

Time – they can save you valuable time, taking on the not so enjoyable aspects of planning, leaving you with the fun parts.

Knowledge – they know what’s hot and new in the wedding world because suppliers of new products and services often come to wedding planners to launch their products.

Value – they know what’s good value and we often obtain discounts for our clients. Weddings are our business and we know what is overpriced and what the better value alternatives are, ensuring that your budget goes as far as possible.

Experience – they can match our tried and trusted suppliers to your exact needs; independent planners have time to get to know their small client base well and spend a lot of time accurately matching with tried and trusted wedding suppliers to ensure absolute perfection.

Advice – they give sound, non emotional advice for family dilemmas and etiquette queries. A wedding is such an emotional occasion for everyone involved that an outside professional opinion is often of great value.

Reduce Stress – they help reduce the stress associated with planning a wedding by knowing realistic timelines for all wedding tasks.

Detail – they offer meticulous attention to detail – wedding planners want your wedding to look ‘wow’ and ensure that the smallest detail you envisage is not overlooked.

Your wedding – they do not take over or implement our ideas; it’s your wedding always. It is our job to take your vision, and implement it, but at every step you are approving items; a good planner’s service can be amended to suit the needs of individual clients.

To find a wedding planner in your area pop on over to our directory, remember all our members are insured and have been vetted.

The photo is of – Melanie , owner at Cranberry Blue Wedding and Events 
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