Choosing the right wedding business coach or trainer

My WHY has always been about empowering others to build a thriving wedding business with honesty and integrity at my very core. In fact integrity plays a huge part of both my businesses.

On Tuesday I hosted my first Mastermind Day for business owners in the wedding industry. Those attending included wedding planners, venue stylists, wedding nanny, florist, photographer and cake maker. Throughout the day I would switch from coaching a person to training or mentoring. I often find I’m a unique mix of all 3, its inevitable and frankly I can’t help myself.

It did make me think however that I am only able to do this due to my 16 years experience as an event planner and 14 years running 2 wedding businesses simultaneously. Any advice I give to students or business owners comes from a place of true knowledge.

Bernadette Chapman Coaching

Over the last 12-18 months I have seen an influx of wedding planner trainers and coaches launch, which in itself is fantastic, I’ve always been an advocate for #communityovercompetition . But I have some concerns about businesses putting their trust in “experts” who don’t always have the experience necessary. It can be too easy to believe what someone writes on their social media feeds. You look at their branded photos and beautiful photos and trust that they can help you.

But what IF they are not actually experienced enough?

What IF that wedding planner trainer hasn't actually planned weddings yet?

What IF that business coach has no experience of running a successful business?

What IF they are doing it as a quick way to make money?

I have to admit the above worries me so much, why? Because I honesty come from a place of love and integrity. I want those in the wedding industry to succeed. I get so upset when speaking to wedding planners only to find out they have been given some truly horrendous and damaging advice. My WHY has always been about empowering others to build a thriving wedding business.

In my opinion if you have not grown a business and experienced the highs and lows, if you have not tried and failed, then tried again and succeeded – how can you possibly advise others? So please do your research first, below are my top tips before hiring any expert for your business. In the case of coaches, they make their money from you the client, their results are based on you buying into them. They have targeted you through clever marketing (I know because I do the same!) . But that doesn’t mean the same methods work for your business. Which brings me back to “have they run a successful business themselves“.

Questions to ask your expert (trainer, mentor, coach)

  1. Select someone who has both business experience, and experience as an expert Ask them about their other businesses. How many do they own/owned? What challenges did they face in business? How many clients have they worked with?
  2. What do you need help with? My coaching clients choose me as they like the blend of mindset/life coaching that I do alongside business coaching. They also like that at times I mentor or train within our sessions. I guess they like the flexibility.

What are their skills? Every time I hire an expert I am looking for a specific skill set, they will specialise in certain areas and this is why I choose them.

Ask about their knowledge Do they consistently increase their learnings through workshops, courses or coaches? In other words are they stagnant or constantly evolving? Do they have the skills you require? I know my limits so if I’m not the right person I refer business to someone else.

Are they a leader? Do they regularly present or host in person events? Are they seen as an expert leader? Or are they a follower? I’ve led the way in the wedding industry so many times in 16 years, I categorically don’t follow!

  1. Yes trainer or coach? I’ve never been a yes coach or trainer. I will consistently challenge my student or coaching clients because I want to be the best they can be. I always want greatness from everyone I help. There are many times I’ve pushed only to be me with OMG you’re so right afterwards.


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  1. Photo: Grace Elizabeth
  2. Florist: Miss Fleur Floral

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