Train to be a wedding planner in 2014

Is 2014 the year where you change your career?

Is this the year you start a career in an industry that is passionate and creative?

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If so we would love you to consider a career in wedding planning and train with the UKAWP. Our training courses are starting again from February so if you want to join the 60+ professional planners who are our members , not to mention the hundreds of planners we have trained since 2004, then take a look at our training brochure available to download via our website.

Interactive Classroom Courses

We believe the most successful way to learn a new skill is by interacting with like-minded individuals which is why we only run classroom based training. Each tutor has 8-10 years experience enabling them to bring real life scenarios to the classroom and highlight teachings face to face.   If you want to learn how to become a wedding planner then we would love to show you how….to learn a little more view our brochure via our website   .

Business Practicalities

This course is aimed at those wishing to start their own business, if you don’t get the business aspect right, you have an expensive hobby, not a business. Primarily we teach you how to do your research and marketing and how to launch a small business.  We take you through the importance of branding for a wedding planning business from your logo and website to how you communicate via social media.  We talk about the services you might offer and how one should work out your charges, we break this down showing you how to ensure your fees are realistic. One element that is always popular is the mock consultations we undertake with the students, this gives students the chance to understand how important it is to ask the right questions in a consultation.  This course was updated in Autumn 2013 to ensure its as current as it can possibly be. Be warned this can be an intense course and your head will be spinning!

  • London: 8th/ 9th February   
  • Manchester/ Cheshire: 1st/ 2nd March
  • Northants: 26th/ 27th April 

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Step By Step

  • London: 8/ 9th March
  • Manchester/ Cheshire   date tbc

This course literally teaches you how to plan a wedding from the moment you have been hired. We go through how to create a client budget and work out what % of the budget should go on certain areas. We advise how to create payment plans for clients and what to do if you have a client bank account. We show you examples of the different ceremonies in the UK and how etiquette plays a part in today’s weddings, albeit in a modern way. Then its time to discuss suppliers from how to find them to what questions to ask. The final part of the weekend takes you through the day from the ceremony up until the evening entertainment.

What is the Cost?

Each weekend course costs £599 complete with lunch both days and full course notes for you to take away. We also send you downloadable templates to use in your new wedding planning business.

Looking to save money? There is a 10% discount for students booking both courses at the same time.


Book at least 8 weeks in advance and you will receive a booklet of discount vouchers for future UKAWP training and events.

For further details, please contact Bernadette on 01376 561544 or


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