Training Overview

Before we all switch our phones off and shut down our computers we thought it was a good idea to remind you of the training courses taking place in the New Year. 

Our training courses will be starting again from February.

We believe the most successful way to learn a new skill is by interacting with likeminded individuals which is why we only run classroom based training. Held at locations throughout the UK there should be a date and location convenient for you. We are registered by the UK Government’s Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). We have a brochure which is available to download via our website   .

Business Practicalities

This course is aimed at those wishing to start their own business. Primarily your research and marketing before moving onto the type of services you wish to offer and how to decide what to charge. We take you through the basics of PR and why this is so important for small businesses. One element that is always popular is the mock consultations we undertake with the students, this gives students the chance to understand how important it is to ask the right questions in a consultation. And finally we go through how to produce your proposal.

18/19 February in Northamptonshire  /  21/22 April in Central London


Step by Step

This course literally teaches you how to plan a wedding from the moment you have been hired. We go through how to create a client budget and work out what % of the budget should go on certain areas. We advise how to create payment plans for clients and what to do if you have a client bank account. We show you examples of the different ceremonies in the UK and how etiquette plays a part in today’s weddings, albeit in a modern way. Then its time to discuss suppliers from how to find them to what questions to ask. The final part of the weekend takes you through the day from the ceremony up until the evening entertainment.

24/25 March in Northamptonshire & 19/20 May in Central London



We have decided to keep the course price the same as it has been this year at £599. This includes your course notes, CD templates and some books. More information can be found via here

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