UKAWP Business Mentoring Service


We know how hard it can be setting up a business – and of course our particular knowledge is in the area of starting a wedding planning business.

New planners need lots of support and, for this reason, we introduced our mentoring service for businesses under 2 years old.

The service includes 3 face to face meetings of 2 hours, over a year, where new planners can raise concerns, discuss issues and set goals to work on between one meeting and the next. Reasonable email and telephone contact in between is also part and parcel.

Mentoring is available only to those who have completed our Business Practicalities training: this way we know you already have a firm grounding in the basics of the wedding planning career.

“I signed up to the UKAWP Mentoring six months after launching RSVP Wedding as I found myself at a stage where I had a lot of questions very specific to my business and felt that I would benefit from the support and advice of a more experienced planner. Kelly Chandler kindly took on the role of my mentor and worked with me over the next year answering my many questions as well as asking her own questions about various aspects of my business.  I found it really useful to have fresh eyes looking over my website, services, pricing, proposals, timelines, budgets and wedding day schedules to name a few.  I met with Kelly every four months and had email and telephone support in the interim.  In between our meetings, I went away and worked on things we had discussed and came up with new scenarios and questions to ask!  At the end of the year, it was really good to look back and take stock of all that I had achieved.  I would highly recommend this service to any planner, new or old, who wants to take their business to the next level.”? Suzanne Prout of RSVP Wedding

Mentoring costs £500 for the year, however you will receive a 10% discount if you sign up within 6 months of attending Business Practicalities.

If you are interested in mentoring please contact Kelly at .

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  1. Cornwall wedding photographer on 15th September 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Interesting post, I think I will be looking into this with a bit more detail.

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