UKAWP Business Tools

Following many requests by planners, the UKAWP offers a variety of types of support in the form of business tools.

Essentially, business tools are documents, products and services which should be beneficial and helpful to new and established independent wedding planning businesses. There are many templates, procedures and equipment which the founders of UKAWP have had to work their way through and find over the years they have been in business but would like to make it a little easier and more straightforward in the future. We are keen to develop more services and products over time so do let us know what you are missing and we will certainly consider what we might be able to put together.

In the meantime, a reminder of what is currently available:

Terms & Conditions/Business Contract @ £140

Business Mentoring Service @ £500 per year
(10% discount for signing up within 6 months of attending a Business Practicalities or Step by Step training course)

Business Support Hotline @ £60 per hour 

Freelance Staff Contract @ £115

For full terms & conditions, more information, or to purchase any of these tools, visit our Business Tools Page or contact Bernadette Chapman, Training Director on 01376 561544 or

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