UKAWP – Helping Each Other

Everyone knows that producing a great wedding is a team effort from the army of suppliers to bridal party, to family and friends. Of course the wedding planner often manages or oversees the lot and there comes a time when one pair of wedding planner hands is not enough, perhaps where there are two or three locations, large guest numbers or a very tight time-scale for set up. We’d like to take the chance to remind readers than UKAWP members help each other; we have a formal scheme and agreed rates for associate and full members to help each other as event managers/assistants on wedding celebrations. I’ve had many members help me on some of my larger events which has been fabulous fun and absolutely essential to me knowing that they are experienced and reliable professionals. For more information on this please contact one of the Directors of UKAWP.

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  1. Kelly Hooper on 27th May 2009 at 11:20 am

    I had no idea about this but what a great idea! I had a few large events last year where I seriously could have done with having an extra pair of experienced hands. Becoming a member of the UKAWP has been helpful in so many ways.

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