UKAWP Membership – might this be for you in 2015?

This is a time of year when many of us are looking to wind down a little, spend time with friends and family, and perhaps mull over changes we want to make in our personal and business lives going forward – well, we have to write some sort of New Year Resolutions don’t we?

If you run a business, or are a key influencer within a wedding business, UKAWP membership may be for you.

Who can become a UKAWP member?

UKAWP membership is open to new and experienced wedding planners in the UK, wedding planners who offer destination weddings to UK couples, plus wedding industry suppliers who are keen to work with wedding planners.

There are a few membership types which we will briefly explain:

Associate Membership and Membership for UK based wedding planners

Planners may apply for membership provided they have trained with us or with one of the other training courses we accept, a list of which may be found here or have at least 2 years full time experience in event planning or have been in business for at least 12 months and be able to provide references.

Membership is based on a points system, with points awarded for time in business, length of membership, weddings planned, training undertaken and a variety of other reasons. Membership levels begin with Associate, moves through 3 Member Levels, with the most ‘senior’ level being Supreme Member.


MemberL2 Supreme4

Destination Membership

This is open to wedding planners who plan weddings for UK couples but only outside the UK. Destination Members may be based in the UK or abroad.

UKAWP destination memberWedding Supplier Membership

Wedding Suppliers wishing to apply must have been in business for at least 12 months and be able to provide references.

Applicants must also comply with our Code of Business Practice:

Code of Business Practice

I agree to:

Respond to enquiries within 48 hours
Respect client confidentiality
Disclose any suppliers I have a vested interest in
Pass discounts and/or commission onto clients
Ensure my Public Liability insurance is up to date
Never give client details to any third party not involved with the wedding
Respect copyright from fellow wedding professionals
Represent each client fairly and honestly
Use legally sound business contracts with clients*

*Applies to wedding planner applications; wedding supplier applicants must use legal/
booking documentation appropriate to their industry sector.


Membership offers a wide range of benefits including a listing on our site, the benefit of national advertising and sponsorship driving traffic to our site, a certificate, use of our logos, lower fees for workshops and events and a whole host more.

Watch this space for a blog post explaining all the various benefits of membership in early January.


If you are interested in membership, but are perhaps not sure about applying, or have queries, please don’t hesitate to call Sandy, our Membership Director, on 01442 828061 or email

Please also keep an eye on our Events page and subscribe to our Blog as we run many workshops and social events, including a free, informal Coffee Club, which you may like to come along to.

We would love to hear from you as we strive to build our wonderful membership base.




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