UKAWP Membership Series – What are Member Levels One to Three?

Today is the next in our series reviewing the various types of membership available within the UKAWP.

If you missed our post explaining Associate Membership last week, you can find it here.

Our membership is a points based system which planners move up through over time as a result of undertaking ongoing training (both with us and elsewhere), running their businesses and, of course, organising weddings.


What are the criteria for becoming Member Level One or above?

Most members begin as Associate Members then move up the points system to Member Level One and onwards.

Member Level One requires a member to have gained 11+ points and to have organised at least one Full Plan.

Client and supplier references are also required: this differs from Associate Membership which newly trained, new businesses can apply for.

Points can be accumulated quickly via continued training (both our own courses and workshops and other relevant industry or business ones) attendance at and involvement in events and planning weddings. There is no specific period of time to wait to move from one level to the next, but members do also earn points for the length of time they have been in business, and been members.

Member Level Two requires 31+ and Member Level Three 61+ points.

Can I apply for Member Level One without having started as an Associate Member?

Yes, planners can do this, however it is rare that they will meet the points criteria, unless they have been in business for many years.

Are there other criteria?

Yes, those applying for Member Level One must meet all the criteria required of all planner members…

Website: Aside from the training, experience and points you need to have your website launched, as Directors will review your site to ensure it meets certain standards, including branding. We will provide you with constructive feedback which is aimed at giving you the best opportunity to continue to run a successful business.

Insurance: You need to have Public Liability Insurance in place.

Contract: We need assurance that you have legally binding Terms & Conditions in place, as this protects both you and your clients. We do offer a set of Terms & Conditions for sale should you need to purchase some.

How do I apply?

The application form for Membership is a very simple, online form.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to membership, all of which you can find listed in our Membership Brochure, however the key benefits include:

  • listing on our site
  • ongoing bride facing advertising campaign (this alone can save members several hundred  pounds per annum)
  • many PR opportunities (we are the first port of call for much of the media and we send all members media requests)
  • private LinkedIn and Facebook groups for members to help each other out away from public social media
  • reduced rates for all events and training

Please refer to the Brochure for the full list.

How much does it cost?

Membership is £320 per annum.

A couple of recent reviews from some of our Members…

‘A delight to be associated with such a professional and supportive organisation.’ Melanie Kiani – Bellissimo Weddings

‘A fabulous supportive organisation to be part of which promotes the kind of professional approach to wedding planning that I think all clients deserve.’ – Benessamy Wedding & Event Planning

We very much hope this has answered your main questions, but if you have others, or simply wish to have a chat about whether Associate, or other Membership is for you, please contact our Membership Director Sandy on 01442 828061 or email




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