UKAWP Membership Series: What is Associate Membership?

Membership of the UKAWP is growing, both here in the UK and abroad, which is great news for UK couples embarking on their wedding planning as they have more and more choice of professional member planners.

Over the past couple of months, we have had many conversations with businesses keen to apply for membership and we’re conscious that the same questions tend to arise. With this in mind, we will look at each membership type in turn over the next few weeks, in the hope of answering your queries. We start with Associate Membership…


Associate Membership of the UKAWP is where most wedding planner members begin. Our membership is a points based system which planners move up through over time as a result of undertaking ongoing training (both with us and elsewhere), running their businesses and, of course, organising weddings.

Who can apply?

Wedding Planners can apply for Associate Membership if they have attended one of our Business Practicalities or Step By Step training courses or completed another of the training courses we recognise, a list of which can be found on our Membership page.

If you have not attended one of the above courses, but can provide proof of having spent a minimum of two years in a 100% focussed event management role, you may also apply.

What are the other criteria?

Website: Aside from the training and/ or experience outlined above you need to have your website either launched, or ready to launch, as Directors will review your site to ensure it meets certain standards, including branding. We will provide you with constructive feedback which is aimed at giving you the best opportunity to launch, or continue to run, a successful business.

Insurance: You need to have Public Liability Insurance in place.

Contract: We need assurance that you have legally binding Terms & Conditions in place, as this protects both you and your clients. We do offer a set of Terms & Conditions for sale should you need to purchase some.

How do I apply?

The application form for Associate Membership is a very simple, online form.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to membership, all of which you can find listed in our Membership Brochure, however the key benefits include:

  • listing on our site
  • ongoing bride facing advertising campaign (this alone can save members several hundred  pounds per annum)
  • many PR opportunities (we are the first port of call for much of the media and we send all members media requests)
  • private LinkedIn and Facebook groups for members to help each other out away from public social media
  • reduced rates for all events and training

Please refer to the Brochure for the full list.

How long are businesses Associate Members for?

This varies a lot. When you first apply and are accepted, you will be allocated a number of points. You receive points on application in different ways, including training courses completed, years in business, weddings planned etc.

You remain an Associate Member until you have 11 points and have completed at least one fully planned wedding.

Points can be accumulated quickly if you continue your training, attend and get involved in events and plan weddings. There is no specific period of time to wait to move to the next level, which is what we call Member Level One.

How much does it cost?

Associate Membership is £320 per annum.

A couple of recent reviews from some of our Associate Members…

‘I completed both training courses and I am now an Associate Member. In a few months of launching my business it is going from strength to strength and I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Alliance. Plus I’ve met some amazing people!’ Charlotte Lodey, Eve Wedding Design

‘Such a great organisation to be part of. There is always support when you need it. It gives my clients confidence that they recruited the services of someone who takes their role as a Wedding Planner seriously.’ Emily Andrew, Your Norfolk Wedding

We very much hope this has answered your main questions, but if you have others, or simply wish to have a chat about whether Associate, or other, Membership is for you, please contact our Membership Director Sandy on 01442 828061 or email




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