UKAWP Study Tour to New York – Day Two

Continuing our report of the recent New York Study trip, having had a tasty Tuesday with Sylvia Weinstock we looked forward to a wonderful Wednesday and were not disappointed….

We spend the first part of the day oohing and ahhhing at the splendor and overall gorgeousness of The Plaza ….the perfect backdrop to wedding related films, such as ‘Bride Wars‘ in 2009.

Following a full refurbishment which saw, amongst other things, part of the building becoming condominiums (now there’s a lovely thought) and the movement of the kitchens from the ground floor to the same level as the Ballroom, The Plaza looks to attract beautiful weddings.

Emily Reifel, Social Sales Manager, showed us around all the different spaces, showing how beautifully a wedding can flow, culminating in the stunning Ballroom which boasts incredible lighting systems cleverly installed in the same ivory colour they are mounted on such that only the likes of nosy planners would notice them at all.

Emily was so engaging and enthusiastic about The Plaza and her role within it – a great networker and flexible in her thinking. She would be a joy to work with on a wedding.

We moved from The Plaza to meet Meredith Waga Perez who owns Belle Fleur florists  , based on Fifth Avenue. See below some photos of one wedding they recently styled..


Meredith and her right hand lady Ashley were incredibly giving both in terms of their time and an overview of how they work with brides and planners to create the desired look for each wedding.

Indeed, whilst we were there we were lucky enough to meet Michelle, a planner from New Jersey, who was waiting to meet a client with Meredith. Michelle kindly talked us through how she works with her clientele.


We were all overwhelmed by the fabulous array of linens which Ashley showed us wedding industry specialists have access to – way beyond anything available to us here. It interested us to hear that sometimes the florist will organise linens: something which would be rare in the UK.


Thank you ladies for your time and your interest in us.






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