Wedding Business Membership

Are you feeling lost, exhausted and overwhelmed when it comes to running your wedding business?

You’re ambitious, but you aren’t getting the weddings you desire, you’re overwhelmed by all the noise online (and boy has there been a lot recently), frankly you might think it’s a tireless battle trying to make your mark in a crowded field.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if instead you gained heightened credibility so that your clients trusted you implicitly? Couples want reassurance now that they can put their wedding in your hands. So many wedding businesses are almost avoiding the issue of reassuring couples. But this isn’t the answer, be open with couples and highlight why you can be trusted. And what easier way than to share that you have been approved by the UKAWP? That you didn’t just pay to be listed?

Every application we receive from a wedding suppliers and wedding planner, is personally checked by me, from your website and social media, to references and insurance. I am checking you are indeed a professional and integrity led business.

So, what makes the UKAWP different to other memberships?

What can businesses expect when they join?

1) Being promoted alongside other leading wedding planners

2) Having a UKAWP stamp of approval that gives full reassurance to your couples

3) Having a community of vibrant wedding professionals to offer support and love

4) Increasing your knowledge through wedding business specific trainings each month

5)Having virtual coffee mornings enabling you to network virtually with your fellow members.

6)Monthly open office Facebook lives to ask me ANY questions.

7) SOS calls with Bernadette should you have a difficult situation

Amazing Value

Our membership fee is split into two parts. The joining fee is £100, this covers all the admin related to checking your references, insurance and loading you onto our directory. Then the membership fee is either £250 for the year or £25 per month and further more, this price will NEVER change for you.

So what are you waiting for? Come join and family of wedding suppliers and wedding planners, and together lets give you the credibility you deserve. Doors close to membership on the 26th October. JOIN HERE

P.S Want to discuss it further to see if it’s a right fit for you? Book a call with Bernadette here

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