Understanding your ideal client

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I thought that we could talk today about understanding your ideal client and understanding how to attract the right clients for you. This could be really difficult in the early stages but without knowing what type of weddings you want, it is impossible to market yourself effectively.

To start with think about who you are as a person, are you quite reserved or are you fun and vivacious? What is your work background? Who are you comfortable working with? Have you come from a background in the city so you’re very used to working with bankers and lawyers. Or are you really comfortable with working with your more creative people? Quite often what you will find is you are attracting very similar people to you in terms of your personality styles.

You now need to think about the type of clients you will have and their wedding budgets. What’s your area like? Is it a commuter village with couples coming to your area to get married from out of town? Perhaps they are coming back home to get married, i.e it is where they were bought up. Speak with local suppliers and venues that match the style and budget you want to work with, ask them where their couples are coming from i.e local or out of town.

As an example, my own wedding planning business is ‘Dream Occasions’ in East Anglia, the majority of my weddings are marquee based. There’s a lot of similarities with my clients in terms of the career, morals, pets and home life.

understanding your ideal client

I’d highly recommend that you invest in a branding photoshoot for yourself, again by thinking about who you are as a person and the type of client that you’re going to be attracting. You can then arrange a photoshoot, think about the clothes that you’re going to wear and book a professional hair & makeup artist if possible, its time to feel pampered. Think about the locations that you’re going to have those photos taken and ensure it matches the type of weddings you hope to organise. This help enhance your marketing ensuring that you’re getting the right enquiries and the right bookings.

Consider creating a couple of pinterest boards depicting you but also your client, refer back to this frequently as this aids you with your marketing.

So, that’s some of my tips about understanding your ideal client and understanding who your niche is. I hope that’s helpful until next time. If you would like to work with me to further understand how to target your clients then I’d love to chat more regarding my personal coaching services.

You can also watch some of these tips via our YouTube channel…

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  1. Anupam Parthi on 11th January 2018 at 8:05 am

    I think it is extremely important to understand the culture and lifestyle of the clients if they belong to a cultural minority.

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