Unexpected Costs of a Wedding

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Creating and sticking to your wedding budget can be incredibly hard, how can you possibly anticipate the costs associated with a wedding?

Creating a budget from the outset is so important as this helps you when you commence your wedding planning. After all you can’t book a venue without knowing you have the funds to do so. Of course this is where hiring a wedding planner is helpful as they DO know the expected and unexpected costs of a wedding.

Wedding Budget

If you are unsure how to create a budget watch the interview with Elite member Dominique Douglas by clicking the link below.

Creating Your Wedding Budget: Interview with Stylish Events

We spoke to some of our members to get their top tips on hidden and unexpected costs so you can incorporate into your budget. Please read on for some of these tips, we hope they help you save some money on your wedding 🙂


If you’re having a church wedding, remember to budget for the choir, bell ringers and organist as they normally cost extra. They’re definitely worth it as they make the occasion even more special, plus there’s nothing worse than no one singing the hymns you’ve specifically chosen! Evie West, Country Blush

Supplier Costs
As well as food for your guests, you will need to provide a meal for your suppliers, such as the photographer, videographer, musicians and wedding planner. Your suppliers will be working for many hours on your wedding day, sometimes from first thing in the morning until late at night. It will be expected that they will have at least one hot meal during the day and water/soft drinks throughout the day. Most suppliers will have this provision in their contracts. It doesn’t have to be the same meal you are serving your guests, but something hearty and warm will always be greatly received and keep your suppliers happy and working hard for you. Dominique Douglas, Stylish Events
You may also need to provide accommodation for some suppliers. This is particularly relevant for destination weddings, but also for UK weddings if your wedding is ending late at night and the suppliers have had to travel a long distance to be at your wedding. Dominique Douglas, Stylish Events
Check supplier contracts, you may need to provide food which is an extra cost and may need to cover extras such as travel. Have this all in your budget from the outset. Hannah Rose, Hannah Rose Weddings

If your wedding runs late, you risk incurring costs from vendors, especially those who were contracted for specific set times eg drivers, waiting staff, musicians – or contract them for longer in the first place to give yourself wiggle room! Susannah Parker, Couture Weddings & Events

Some venues require suppliers to collect any hire items such as vases or breakdown hanging floral designs at midnight of the wedding which may have additional fees associated with them. Felicity Wiggins, Amega Fleur Floral Design
Love local and follow the season with flowers and food so it doesn’t have airmiles. Helen Noble, Helen Noble Celebrant of Surrey
Couples always forget the gifts and have an unexpected cost close to the wedding scrambling around having to think of what to get their parents, bridesmaids, best man etc Hannah Rose, Hannah Rose Weddings
Umbrellas for wet weather and toiletry kits for all weathers. Sonal Dave, Sonal Dave
For marquee weddings, think not just of the marquee and the land, but power, toilets, catering tent, refrigeration, furniture, flooring staging, wedding coordinator which all adds up significantly! Hannah Rose, Hannah Rose Weddings
Factor in lighting for car park area and walkways. Louisa Watchorn, Louisa May Weddings

If you’re sending invites in the post don’t forget to budget for the cost of stamps, also bearing in mind if you’re including additional pieces in with the invite it may be heavier or larger than a standard letter. Andri Benson, Always Andri

Hair & Make Up

This is an additional charge to hair & make up on the day. Usually will be just for yourself but check if any other wedding party inc family might want a trial too. Andri Benson, Always Andri


Alterations to your attire – often need to pay extra to have any alterations done. Andri Benson, Always Andri

An extra pair of shoes for the bridegroom if his get taken at the Hindu wedding (a game where whoever has them can ask for money to return them). To counter this, bring an extra pair of shoes. Sonal Dave, Sonal Dave

Destination Weddings
What is your plan B – if it rains? Do you need to have a marquee “on hold” and don’t forget about the cost of planning trips to your destination country i.e. flights, accommodation and car hire all add up Michelle Jacobs, Elegante by Michelle J
Professional Member
We hope these tips are helpful when creating your budget and help you be prepared for all the unexpected costs that suddenly occur.
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