Wedding Business Membership from the UKAWP

UKAWP Owner Bernadette Chapman

Wedding Business Membership

For integrity led businesses, who want to learn and grow within a vibrant community of fellow peers. As the leading wedding industry body, we are your trusted membership organisation. 

When I launched the UKAWP back in 2004 our ethos was  “Promoting Professionalism in the Wedding Industry“. And 16 years later this still holds true. I built the organisation on honesty and trust and I truly believe its these values that have ensured longevity of business. In a world of countless memberships and many wedding experts. You can trust me. You can trust the longevity of the UKAWP. We have a proven track record of trust. When the UKAWP was launched the word membership was a relatively unused concept. Of course fast forward to 2020 and there are so many memberships now, not just for wedding industry but ANY industry. Where once we stood alone there are many memberships standing alongside us.

I believe for any business to thrive they need to evolve. I do this my surveying my members and truly listening to how it is I can serve them better. When COVID hit the wedding industry I knew I needed to give my members even more support. It was my duty to support them practically and emotionally. An interesting development happened as a result, I begin improving the membership offering, I began to think of what the journey was like for a member and how it is I can help them. One of the recent developments is the development of my membership roadmap, you see I believe successful businesses are always improving on the areas below. For example even businesses of 5 years might be going back to clarity as their client niche evolves and changes. All masterclasses will be organised to improve your knowledge in the below areas to ensure you are progressing your business.


Membership of the UKAWP

Doors are open at the moment until Monday 22nd June. If you are an integrity led business. You are ready to learn, grow and thrive. And you want to join our community I would like to invite you to join us. We are different to many other memberships in that we promise to support + promote + educate you.

If you would like to book a call to discuss if membership is right for you click my calendar here


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