Wedding Day Uniform

This is something so many of our students struggle with, just what should I wear to a clients wedding? You will find every planner differs in what she wears but here are some guidelines to help you on your way:

  • Most importantly comfortable but smart shoes
  • Company T-Shirt for when setting up a wedding
  • Smart trousers or ideally a suit. Now personally I have always steered away from black as I want to distinguish myself from the waiting staff who traditionally wear black trousers/skirts and white shirts.
  • Choose a colour that is practical, the job invariably involves kneeling on the floor and climbing ladders – you want to avoid dirty marks if at all possible.
  • Smart shirt or top for the wedding, think about the colour and whether it highlights or drains your features. Wear some funky jewelry to accentuate your outfit and ensure it is not too ‘fitted’ or reveals too much flesh.
  • Finally you might want to consider getting a personalized badge so guests & suppliers know who you are.

Bernadette Chapman is the UKAWP’s training director and also runs Dream Occasions operating throughout South East England.

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