Wedding Dress Disasters – What to Do

img_0316Yesterday evening two of our lovely members, Kay & Lee Carey of Heading Up The Aisle and Andri Benson of Always Andri Wedding Design presented a very practical workshop for wedding planners looking at what can go wrong with regard to attire, and how best to fix it.


We learned how to avoid bustles breaking, how to lace a corset and even how to tie a cravat, thanks to Lee, who modelled it so elegantly.


Kay and Andri went to great lengths to explain to planners how best to advise their clients in terms of choosing a dress, alterations, how to avoid unnecessary costs and what to carry in that essential emergency kit.


Many thanks to Kay, Lee and Andri for their hard work and openness in helping us all build our confidence in this sometimes tricky area of wedding planning.

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