Wedding Entertainment & Music Trends for 2020

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If there is one thing guests always remember from a wedding it’s the entertainment. Did they laugh? Did they dance so much their feet were sore? Did they wake up the next morning with a croaky voice from singing so much? We understand it can be hard thinking about what music and entertainment to have at your wedding. We spoke to members warble entertainment about trends in 2020.

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Every year we notice more and more couples trying to do things differently and move away from the traditional music or wedding entertainment ideas we see all the time. 2020 is the decade of doing things your way.

Modern weddings are more unique than they have ever been. Couples are always looking for ways to make their wedding different from the rest. Music is often a great place to start when couples are looking to do things a little differently.

Here are the three biggest wedding entertainment and music trends that we’ve picked up on for 2020!

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Wedding Saxophonists

Even though wedding band hire is still one of the most popular choices for couples when it comes to deciding on their music, the wedding saxophonist is fast becoming one of the most booked options for wedding reception and evening party music.  As rock and pop songs with guitars are slowly being phased out from the charts, club and
party music is taking its place again. So, what does this mean for weddings?  It’s still the case that most couples want some element of live music on their wedding night.  However, pairing a live saxophone player with a wedding DJ for example is a great idea and a trend that we are seeing a lot of.

Whilst wedding saxophonists are the crux of this new trend of wedding music, couples are also looking towards other live wedding musicians to pair with DJs such as singers and LED percussionists.

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Unusual Daytime Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment such as photo-booths, caricaturists and magicians at weddings used to be unique and special. We are now at a point where the once unique has becoming ordinary due to so many couples choosing this for their big day.

As more couples look for wedding entertainment that can provide an awesome photo opportunity on their day (especially for showing off on Instagram and social media!), unusual entertainers in costumes such as walking trees, stilt walkers and mirror dancers are being hired more often.

For guests, this is a welcome surprise during a common wedding day lull. These picturesque and unique wedding ideas are such a wonderful talking point and they can really inject a spark of life into your big day early on.

If you are going to try something different on your wedding day, the drink’s reception is the perfect place to get a little weird! Couples in 2020 are beginning to realise that there are no rules anymore, especially during this part of the day.


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Festival & Folk Bands

When hiring live bands for a wedding, couples are now looking for something authentic and rustic.

Like we mentioned, the last couple of decades have been the decade of the electric guitar.  If there’s one trend we see really taking over 2020, it’s that acoustic guitars are coming back into prominence. We’ve seen this with the rise of acoustic wedding singers as well as festival style wedding bands.

Think Mumford & Sons, towering double bass guitars and sing-along festival favourites.  As more weddings are being planned with a DIY approach, venues like barns and even fields are being chosen as the perfect locations to host a wedding party. This means that couples are more likely to be searching for that perfect folk style wedding band to end the night!

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Article by: Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment

Image Credits: Warble Entertainment

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