Wedding Food Trends For 2020

Food Predictions 2020

Recently we chatted to wedding caterer members Goose & Berry about their food trend predictions for 2020. So if you love weddings, love food, and want to get an insight into what will be hot next year, grab a chair and enjoy this blog post.

What catering trends are on the rise for 2020?

  • Street food
  • Interactive food/food stations
  • Food vans
  • Roaring 20’s… Gatsby (afternoon teas, champagne, cocktail/champ towers)
  • the year of the millennials and super relaxed
  • Buffet is back – opportunity to show off, bigger is better with kit and floral/foliage
  • Extra courses – amuse bouche, cheese, second starter – people having fun with these

Catering Trends

The demand for street food and interactive food stations is definitely on the rise and we are all for pushing it up. Food stations are a great way to get your guests to interact both with each other and their food and add that touch of informality to your big day. Why not really play the part in your street food choice by having a themed van to go alongside it? No one will forget eating their tacos from a van that brings Mexico to life in a hurry.

January is set to see the beginning of the roaring 20s and we are seeing couples follow in the footsteps of Gatsby himself. Swapping the traditional three courses to an afternoon tea wedding breakfast is as fabulous as it sounds, and pairing this with a champagne or cocktail tower will bring the glamour your wedding breakfast deserves.

2020 will see a whole load of unconventional dining and whether this is because it’s the year of the millennials or because you can incorporate so much of your personality into these types of menus we’ll never know. But what we do know is that the buffet is back and bigger than ever. Taking a twist on this classic wedding breakfast style we really do mean it is bigger than ever, people are really starting to think about the props, flowers, foliage they want to accompany to emphasise what delicious food they have on show.

Catering Trends

Forget three courses, 2020 is set to see four, five, six or even seven course wedding breakfasts. Couples and caterers alike are loving having fun with an amuse bouche course, cheese course or even just a second starter which can bring so much personality into their chosen menu as well as allowing their guests a glimpse into their chef’s brilliant mind. Some are even going that step further by surprising their guests with an additional course and who doesn’t love a surprise!

What are some 2019 food trends that will carry into 2020?

  • Grazing tables
  • Grazing tables instead of canapés
  • Sustainability
  • Fresh, locally sourced produce, seasonality

Catering Trends

We won’t be seeing the back of the graze table just yet, thank god! In fact, we’re seeing people choosing to have a grazing station at reception instead of canapés. We know just how hungry guests can get during a reception and having this beautifully presented array of charcuterie, continental cheese and artisan crackers is just the way to stop those grumbling tummies.

Catering Trends

We are thrilled to see that people are still loving sustainability for their wedding breakfasts and really thinking about seasonality when choosing their menus. We have also noticed people wanting to incorporate their hometowns, family heritages into their menus as well, making their menus just that tad more special.

What catering trends are out in 2020?

  • Boring tea and coffee out, iced coffee & espresso martinis in
  • Boring dietary meals, bye boats cheese tart, hello gruyere croquette
  • Anything not economical/biodegradable, plastic straws, no palm oil

Addressing dietary lifestyles has become increasingly more common and who says it has to be dull? Whether it’s gluten free, vegan, nut free, keto or paleo, we are always getting requested by our couples to include a menu which is suitable for all. So, say goodbye to the same old goats cheese tart and hello to our delicious gruyere croquette. Everyone’s going to want the vegan option!

With the likes of Greta Thunberg dominating our screens, everyone is so conscious on being economical and your wedding day is not a reason to skip this! Think biodegradable, think reusable and most importantly, do not think plastic or palm oil! There are so many fun ways to be eco-friendly, why not have personalised metal straws as your wedding favours for your guests to sip their g&t’s out of later?

Catering Trends

A classic tea and coffee buffet station is soo 2019. Next year we are set to see iced coffees and espresso martinis being served as the caffeinated go to and what an innovative way to still serve this beloved part of a wedding day but in such an nontraditional way.

What are your cocktail trend predictions for 2020?

  • Having drinks stations
  • Personalised cocktails/signature cocktails
  • Ready to drink cocktails (cans etc) – low in alcohol, sugar
  • Picture perfect drinks (ideal for those instagram moments)
  • Tequila

For the past couple of years we have seen gin dominate the drinks world, but I have a feeling tequila is going to take the crown for 2020. Whether served as a shot with the salt and lime wedge, or making a signature cocktail to commemorate your big day, everyone’s going to want a slice.

Cocktails have never been so readily available with the likes of a canned pornstar martinis and mojitos and why not have these chilling on ice at a help yourself cocktail station? It’s a great way to save a few quid on cocktail staff and ingredients, as well as saving you heaps on glassware! But let’s not forget those all-important biodegradable straws! These drinks will also keep your guests at bay for at least some of the night as low alcohol content and sugar free versions are a great alternative.

What style of service will be big in 2020?

  • Light wedding breakfast, main focus on evening food
  • Grazing tables instead of canapés

Catering Trends and Choosing Caterer

We are really seeing couples opting for a light bite wedding breakfast, with their evening food options stealing the show. Bringing it back to street food and food stations, we are noticing our clients focusing all of their attention on their evening menus and even making this their main entertainment for the night…

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