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Today, Director, Sandy Moretta writes on a new service that none of us has seen before that is inexpensive and practical and might be worth considering for your business photos as well as recommending to your wedding clients:

Q: When the wedding is over and the planning stages and preparation have all successfully drawn to a close, what is left of the day?


A: The memories shared by the couple, their family and friends…and their wedding photographs.

The newlyweds head off on a golf buggy


These days wedding photographs are not just a selection of posed group shots, but often tell the full story of the day from the preparation of the Bride and Groom to First Dance and evening fun that follows.  This is how a bride will be able to recall her day for many, many years to come.  Or will she?


With the age of digital wedding photography and photojournalism style photography has also come the age of digital storage.  It’s great.  Neat little USB drives or DVD’s that can be put away safely and last forever.  The only problem is that they don’t.  These are easily lost in house moves, can be damaged or simply mislaid and then what is left of the day? Those that store them on computer hard drives and possibly have a couple of copies should feel slightly more secure, however all hard drives eventually fail and in the future can they be accessed? Remember tape, or VHS ?


A wedding photographer I know had brides with exactly this problem.  In some cases these brides had not even got around to choosing the photos for an album yet and suddenly found that they had lost their photo DVD in a move.  All that planning, effort and memories … Lost.


As a solution to this problem the UKAWP was excited to discover this clever company that stores wedding photos, simply and cheaply for as long as you want!


Wedding Photo Vault (  


To register the bride simply needs to enter some simple details at  There is a one off registration fee of £4.95.  They will then be sent a DVD to copy their photos onto (simple instructions will be enclosed for those not so computer literate) and then return the disc in the pre-paid envelope provided.  


Once received Wedding Photo Vault will then store their precious memories for just £3.65 a year. 


If you want more details send an email to ( or just go to the FAQ at ( the website and see how easily our brides can lose those memories in the digital world.

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  1. Lloyd Dobbie on 17th November 2011 at 10:05 am

    Great advice, Sandy.

    It cannot be stressed enough that digital information storage is still in its infancy compared to the more traditional forms of analogue storage. Which would you trust to leave on a shelf and come back to in 25 years; a Kindle or a hardback book?

    Just yesterday I dug through my archive of negatives (yes, film!) to retrieve a clients wedding photographs because she wanted them scanned to disc. I have no concerns that the negatives will still produce excellent images; I have family photos from nearly 100 years ago that print with out problem.
    Digital storage has yet to prove it’s longevity so a ‘belt and braces’ approach is needed. When my clients choose to have their wedding photographs on DVD I urge them to immediately drag them into a folder on their PC and, if possible, their laptop/iPad too. I also suggest they take their disc to their parents house to get an ‘off-site’ back up.

    Having said that, the company you highlight seem to be offering a good service at a very reasonable price.

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