Wedding Planner Contracts for Clients

Business contracts for wedding planners to use with clients

It can be so incredibly exciting to get your first booking, all of a sudden your dream of owning a wedding planning business now is a reality. In fact one of the most memorable moments as a new wedding planner is hearing that a client wishes to book you. Your marketing is working, the consultation was perfect, your proposal was spot on and now you have the booking, yay (time to dance round the room)! But what about a wedding planner contract?

Remember nothing is confirmed until that contract is signed and deposit is paid, do not, and I repeat do not, commence any work for the new clients until the contract is signed, sealed and delivered. A verbal confirmation is not enough, think back to how many verbal promises you have received over the years only to be left disappointed. Ensure you do not commence any work until you have been paid and the contract signed.

Bernadette Chapman

Here are 5 things your contract should include

  1. Confirmation of your fee and payment terms. It should be crystal clear how you charge and the anticipated fee. If charging a % of their budget send a copy of said budget. Ensure they know when payments are due.
  2. Cancellation terms for either you or the client, whatever clauses you have need to be compliant with the consumer rights law.
  3. Responsibility of your couple for the legality of their wedding ceremony. Giving notice or attending the reading of the banns is their responsibility not yours
  4. Information relating to privacy laws and GDPR
  5. Exactly what is it you will be doing? Whenever I receive a complaint at the UKAWP from couples it is regarding a difference of expectations. The couple think the service includes different components to what the wedding planner is offering. Be clear and concise otherwise couples will be left disappointed with your service

The UKAWP have terms and conditions available to purchase. These have been produced by a UK specialist lawyer and are governed by UK law. It is vitally important that any contract you use protects you AND the client properly and I feel this isn’t an area you should try to DIY on.

The contract is sent to you as a word document that you can adapt to your own branding. There are key aspects of the contract that you are able to edit and include specific information relating to the wedding.

How to purchase

The contract is £150+vat for members and students of the UKAWP and £190+vat for everyone else.

You can purchase by heading to our business tools page


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