Wedding Planners Business Bundle

Business contracts for wedding planners to use with clients
Stuck on knowing what questions to ask in your client consultation?
Unsure how to create your wedding planning proposal?
Know you need to blog but no idea what to blog about?

Have you recently started your wedding planning business but feel confused about what documentation is needed? Wouldn’t it be lovely if  you had all the tools to help you? No second guessing? No making spreadsheets from scratch!

Over the years we have had many requests for templates and spreadsheets and although we gave some to students we felt we could go one better, thus our Wedding Planner Business Bundle was born. Helping you stay on top of the admin but also helping you create the structure and design for your wedding proposal.

As your wedding planning business grows you need to spend time each day working on your business but you’ll want to spend this time wisely, no-one wants to spend 5 hours creating a proposal or second guessing what questions to ask at a consultation.

The Wedding Planners Business Bundle will give you confidence not only to plan your clients weddings, but also to manage your wedding planning business as well. Some of these templates are worth the cost on its own, not only will this bundle save you time it will help you utilise your time efficiently. This bundle of templates and spreadsheets includes:

  • Client consultation questionnaire + personality questions (canva template)
  • Client proposal along with a structure on what to include (canva template)
  • Questions to ask a venue or suppliers
  • Blank invoice template
  • Guest management tracking spreadsheet
  • 20 x blog post ideas
  • Master planning spreadsheet (budget, timeline, contacts, payment schedule)
  • Wedding schedule spreadsheet
  • Tracking spreadsheet (goal setting, annual revenue, monthly revenue, profit & loss, social media analysis, Instagram analysis)

Please note these templates are given to all wedding planners who enrol on the Business of Wedding Planning OR Wedding Planning Step by Step

If you’re not a student and would like to purchase you can do so here


I have spent the last hour redoing the templates into my own brand and now I feel ready for anything! this has been sooooooo helpful.

These are really, really great – thank you sooo much

Priceless for me in the early stages of my wedding planning and wedding venue journey

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