Wedding Planners Skills for Success: Motivation

Becoming a wedding planner is not something you can entirely learn from a course, a lot is to do with personality and personal attributes. There is no escaping the fact that having some life experience and maturity helps in this job. You need to think on your feet and offer solutions at a drop of a hat.

4. Motivation (“enthusiasm for doing something”)

In most cases, you are working on weddings for about a year, sometimes longer and as such you have to remain motivated throughout, even if it’s going over the same detail with a client for the fifth time! Most wedding planners start their businesses alone and, at times, it can be an isolating job. It is your self motivation that will keep you going and focused on the task in hand.

Tips to Stay Motivated

–        Schedule some personal time away from the computer

–        Split tasks into today, this week, this month and be realistic. Setting yourself goals you cannot reach is demoralising.

–        After each successful wedding allow yourself one treat, suggestions are spa treatments, shopping trips or the theatre with your partner (who rarely sees you at the weekend!)

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