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One Stylish Day

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One Stylish Day is a wedding planning and styling service, creating wedding days with an essence of understated luxury. Every experience we create is personal, detail rich, stylish and authentic.

We are wedding designers taking a fresh approach. No tired cliches or prescriptive packages; simply one exceptional day designed with vision and executed with precision.

We are not afraid to break with tradition to create a day that is truly different; genuinely spectacular. Our weddings are unashamedly design-led and pared back. Less can absolutely be more.

Our services are completely bespoke and built around the idea that we’d rather hear what you want, than tell you what you can have, no matter the level of support you feel you need. We help you to dream big, using our creative expertise and insider knowledge to design and deliver a day unlike any other.

The design aesthetic, the detail and overall vision is as high on our priority list as the logistics. With a background in fashion, One Stylish Day was born after being struck by the repetitive nature of weddings, with the same design features occurring regardless of personal tastes and personalities.

We use a forward-thinking approach and take wider inspiration from the worlds of fashion and interiors, designing wedding days for every couple that are grounded in the essence of what is important to them and allows their spirits to soar!

- Louise

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