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Two Became One

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Our philosophy is one we have all signed up to and it involves maximising the client experience and our passion for luxury. We have worked on many exclusive events and weddings in our time within this demanding yet fabulous industry. We have been privileged to have trained with the very best, and of course we have learnt from our own experiences within the industry.

With Two Became One, we have created a luxurious concierge service that incorporates a wedding and event planning service. Why? Because our clients always need more than just our planning services – and we do not want to recommend other suppliers to provide that private jet or that exclusive dining experience – we prefer to do everything ourselves to make our clients’ weddings and events complete.

So, Two Became One is an end-to-end service that caters for both businesses and individual clients. With transparency in mind, we also have a blog on industry-related client questions and our overall philosophy of ‘You ask, we answer’.

- Vicki

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Our wedding was just fabulous, every detail was just perfect. We would highly recommend Two Became One to all our friends and family. One word that comes to mind is world class!

- Lord & Lady Bordina

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