Wedding Planning Career: Learn how to plan and design a wedding

If you have newly launched as a wedding planner, or indeed wish to launch you might at times find yourselves second guessing key information for your clients wedding. Just where do you find that dream venue for your couple, how can you trust the suppliers you hire or perhaps you wonder how many catering staff are needed to serve guests proficiently? If so then our “Step by Step” course could be ideal for you as it takes students through how to plan a wedding like a professional.

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We go through how to create a client budget and work out what % of the budget should go on certain areas. We advise how to create payment plans for clients and what to do if you have a client bank account. We show you examples of the different ceremonies in the UK and how etiquette plays a part in today’s weddings, albeit in a modern way. Then its time to discuss suppliers from how to find them to what questions to ask. The final part of the weekend takes you through the day from the ceremony up until the evening entertainment.

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What makes this course extra special is our wonderful #SBScontributors, leading experts in the industry who have reviewed and edited the content relevant to their sector. You can meet some of these suppliers by reading more about them here.

We have just one course left for 2015 which is Step by Step on the 5th & 6th December in Northamptonshire. After this the next one won’t be until March 2016.




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