Wedding Planning Contract

Bernadette Chapman
Congratulations on gaining your first booking as a wedding planner. But remember nothing is confirmed until that contract is signed and deposit is paid. Do not commence any work for the new clients until the contract is signed, sealed and delivered. Thankfully here at the UKAWP we can help you as we have a wedding planner contract available for purchase.
The contract should protect you AND your client by detailing what service you are undertaking for them, your fee and specifically what is included or excluded from your fee. Many wedding planners in the UK use a contract provided by the UKAWP which includes not just regular legal liabilities within, but also clauses pertaining to our industry in particular.

The contracts (and any variations thereof which are made by purchasers) remains copyright of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners Ltd and, therefore, distribution is only allowed to the purchaser’s client. Copying and publication of this contract is forbidden.

To purchase please go to: Business ToolsPlease note that the contracts are sent out automatically upon paying; if this doesn’t happen please firstly check your junk folder before emailing

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