Wedding Planning Excellence (pt2)

Recently we talked to you about the attendees and speakers at WPE 12 but today we’d like to talk about some of the ‘stars’ who contributed to the success of this years seminar.

The Venue

We were amazed at how many venues wanted to be involved with WPE this year and after visiting many, it was hard making the decision as to who to use. But, upon meeting Delphine at 51 Buckingham Gate I knew they were the perfect partners. Throughout the process she was very enthusiastic and understood how important this seminar is to planners in the UK.


Our Partners

The room at 51 Buckingham Gate was gorgeous with sparkly crystal chandeliers but we knew it needed a little bit ‘more’ to transform it into a room filled with creative planners. We decided this year to create a stage area from which speakers could present and this is where James from Wedding Creative came in, after showing him images of what we hoped to achieve he created a sparkly backdrop with hanging crystals and softly lit in blue. We think it looked fab!


Our second area of importance was flowers and this is where Simon & Victoria from Euphoric Flowers came in. They provided a pedestal of blossom for the stage  and on each table provided small cubes of plants which gave the perfect spring design.



We were already working with Cutture who designed a new logo for us, schedules for the tables and the e-vite. But they kindly provided some cute laser cut butterflies which we incorporated into the table displays.


Swag Bags

It has been a few years since we have given planners swag bags but we decided 2012 was the year to reinstate this tradition. We were delighted with the response from suppliers and had many treats inside the bags (many of which were delicious!) We had gorgeous cupcakes (GC Couture) cake pops (NOTHS) bottle openers (iBarco) scented candles & massagers (51BG) bridal magazines (brides & your London Wedding) beautiful greeting cards (cutture) cookies (the cake house) and a planners staple treat chocolate (artisan du chocolat)


Finally thank you to Lloyd for taking all the images at WPE, all the speakers that gave their time to present and of course the planners for attending. We look forward to seeing you all again at WPE 13.

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