Wedding Planning & School Holidays

As wedding planners it’s no surprise that the busiest time of the year is the summer. We are attending weddings and finishing the final details for others. There are last minute meetings, negotiations and finalization of the design. So it stands to reason we are busy throughout the months of July and August in particular.

For those of us that have children at school thoseĀ 6 weeks can be a minefield of combining motherhood with business ownership. After all you can’t neglect your children forĀ 6 weeks just because you’re busy, but by the same token you can’t neglect your clients.

So what can you do? I’m sure everyone has their own solutions to make it easier. For me having my husband working with me on the business means we can take it in turns to do something with the children enabling the other to work in quiet. We also send ours to a holiday club at least once a week which they enjoy and it allows us a day free without interruptions.

I would love to hear your tips on surviving the school holidays.

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