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From finding the perfect venue to managing your guest list, planning a wedding can feel like a full-time job, which is why we always recommend hiring a planner when budget allows.

A professional planner is responsible for more than making sure your day runs smoothly. Think of them as your wedding BFF, with endless experience, inspiration and advice on everything from budgets to bouquets. Your planner will take on all the tasks you don’t have the time (or inclination) to do yourself, lend a knowledgeable ear for all those tough decisions and give you a gentle nudge when needed to keep your planning journey on track.

Check out these top-tips and wedding planning hacks from some of our professional wedding planner members;

Plan your wedding like a pro

Where to start?

A good wedding planner will ensure that every little detail is considered and planned for; nothing is overlooked. But if there are any surprises (or disasters) on the day , your experienced wedding planner will deal with whatever situation arises in a calm, unflappable manner. – Michelle JElegante by Michelle J 

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Wedding Planned by Elegante by Michelle J

An Experienced and Professional wedding planner always has alternate plans to the already best laid plans. They are problem solvers and have the amazing ability to think on their feet providing solutions whilst ensuring everything is under control irrespective of surprises or dare say disasters.Elsie OfulueEvents on Wheels

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Wedding Planned by Events on Wheels


Your wedding planner will assist you to create a realistic and comprehensive budget for your wedding. Setting up your budget is one of the most important (albeit unromantic) tasks in the planning process. We also make sure your budget stays on track by recommending suppliers that suit your style and budget. Our goal is always to help you have the best wedding you can afford.DominiqueStylish Events

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Hiring a Wedding Planner is your gift to you on your wedding day. Ultimately you are securing your Peace of mind as your planner helps with create a realistic budget and keeps you on track.- Elsie OfulueEvents on Wheels

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Wedding Planned by Elsie from Events on Wheels


A good & experienced wedding planner will be asking your wedding venue all the questions which you may not know to ask or are unsure about asking. So that no stone is left unturned when it comes to planning your wedding and making sure you get the wedding of your dreams. Louisa , Louisa May Weddings
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Wedding Planned by Louisa May Weddings


Your wedding planner will introduce you to the best suppliers for you – suppliers that have been vetted and that your planner is happy to recommend. We can all use Google to source suppliers but without an experienced planner to advise how can you know that a supplier chosen at random will be reliable and deliver as expected.Michelle JElegante by Michelle J


An experienced wedding planner has access to a wealth of suppliers and this in turn saves you time on your supplier search. They have enough goodwill refer you on / point you to the right direction also helping you ensure that you got the right team surrounding you on your wedding day.Elsie OfulueEvents on Wheels

Guest Lists

Your wedding planner will expertly handle your guest list from sourcing & sending out invitations, monitoring RSVPs as well as ensuring all special requirements are communicated correctly prior to the wedding. More importantly your wedding planner will ensure that you, your families and friends are able to completely relax and enjoy every single moment of your day safe in the knowledge that your wedding is in expert hands.Mary BriscoeWeddings by Mary

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Wedding Planned by Weddings by Mary

If you’re at the very beginning of your wedding planning journey, it’s important to draft a rough guestlist BEFORE you start searching for the perfect wedding venue. Having an approximate guest count in mind will ensure you at look at venues with the right capacity for your requirements and means you won’t end up falling in love with a space that is too big for your needs or too small to fit you all in!Jo PymanOne Curious Dream


Hiring a wedding stylist will ensure you enjoy planning your wedding décor as much as other aspects of your wedding. Not only will a great wedding stylist help you spend your décor budget wisely on pieces that offer the maximum return on your investment, they’ll recommend an amazing creative team to bring your vision to life, handle all of the paperwork, and of course, ensure your wedding venue is styled to perfection on your wedding day. For extra support, hire a stylist who is also a planner, not only will they ensure your venue looks amazing, but will be able to help you design a scheme that works from a practical and logistical point of view as well.Jo PymanOne Curious Dream
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Wedding Planned by One Curious Dream

Start by searching for the styles and colours that you really like – sites like Pinterest and Instagram are great places for inspiration. At the beginning of the design process, it’s also a good idea to use a colour chart and select from there the 4 or 5 key colours that will underpin the design and styling. Save imagery to make a digital mood-board with all your chosen images. This will give you a feel for how everything will look and you’ll be able to view it all in one place. Challenge yourself to ensure that everything on there is from the same colour palette and has the same styling undertones. It’s really difficult but try to remove any imagery that is out of sync. Also question if the chosen style reflects you and your personality. –Joy – Unique Weddings & Events

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Wedding by member Unique Weddings and Events

A wedding planner can help you navigate the minefield of Pinterest inspiration and focus on what it is you both want from your wedding style. They will create a design for your day based on what you really love and want. Once the design has been created they will pull together an expert supplier team that will bring your wedding day vision to life.Andri Benson – Always Andri

Avoiding wedding day disasters

Even the best laid plans can go wrong sometimes but with a wedding planner on board you can be sure that they will have considered all eventualities and be prepared for any situation. From carrying fully stocked emergency kits to having back supplier contacts you can trust in your planner to cover any wedding day disasters.Andri Benson – Always Andri

Wedding Planned by Always Andri

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