Wedding Sanctuary Partners – Cad And The Dandy

This week went so fast we didn’t manage to introduce you to the next of our Wedding Sanctuary suppliers. So, better late than never, we’d like to introduce you to our tailor partner Cad And The Dandy.

Over to you gents….

At London tailors Cad and the Dandy, we dispel the myth that quality comes at a heavy price. We operate with the conviction that high end bespoke tailoring should be accessible to all. Our suits offer a modern British cut, are made using age old hand tailoring techniques and are delivered with a personal touch.

We don’t over complicate things, operating from small but intimate premises in The City, Savile Row and Canary Wharf with our trained Savile Row tailors, cutters and finishers. We offer three grades of tailored suit: machine stitched, half hand-stitched and fully hand-stitched. All of our suits start with pattern creation, done by hand and retained for all future orders.

We believe in ease by offering appointments across London from our Savile Row, City & Canary Wharf shops or by simply reordering online using our unique, interactive design tool. Choose from hundreds of design permutations, a vast library of fabrics and co-ordinate with our spectrum of stylish linings to create your very own tailored suit.

For more information about The Wedding Sanctuary contact Sandy Moretta on 01442 828061 or, or  buy tickets here.

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