Wedding Style 101. Find Your Wedding Day Style (hint: you don’t have to stick to just one!)

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Are you stuck when it comes to the dream vision for your wedding? Lost down the rabbit hole of Pinterest ideas? Confused by well-meaning suggestions from family & friends? Unsure whether to embrace the latest trends or stick to something simple and classic?

Whether you’ve got too many ideas and don’t know how to bring them together or don’t have a clue where to start our wedding style 101 will help you find your wedding day vibe.


From a designer dress to opulent floral arrangements, guests sipping on champagne and dancing under sparkling chandeliers in a grand ballroom, everything about your wedding is luxe! A luxury wedding is a formal affair, following a traditional format with every detail carefully considered and selected to create an extra-special celebration.

Luxury Wedding trends 2021

Georgina Alexander Weddings & Events – Photo credits – Sophie May Photography



Marquee luxury wedding

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When bringing together two different cultures, you may want to create a fusion style that incorporates traditional elements from both into your day. You might combine a traditional English church wedding with a Chinese tea ceremony, ask your bridesmaids to wear sari’s, include cultural readings into your ceremony or local cuisine and music at your reception. A fusion wedding is your opportunity to combine the elements that mean the most to the two of you.

Multicultural fusion weddings

Multicultural Wedding trends

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Mixed faith wedding ceremony

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Sustainability and social responsibility are becoming ever-more important when it comes to weddings, which are historically extravagant and wasteful. If reducing the environmental impact of your day is important to you, making subtle changes like choosing locally grown flowers and/or produce, hiring in recycled tableware instead of disposable and asking guests to re-style outfits they already own can make a big difference.

Michelle Miles of Fusion Events & Weddings said “Sustainable weddings are on the rise, with two thirds of couples now wanting to make sure their wedding day is memorable for all the right reasons, whilst not leaving a lasting impression on our planet. We work with couples to understand what is important to them, talk to them about seasonality and suggest sustainable swaps for elements of their wedding day that will have the greatest impact.” Michelle Miles, Sustainable Wedding Planner, Fusion Events and Weddings

Sustainable wedding ceremonies

Eco conscious weddings

Eco conscious weddings

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If you think of yourself as a creative and unique individual and your wedding style doesn’t fit neatly into a box, an alternative wedding gives you free rein to incorporate all the things you love into your day without restrictions. While an alternative wedding commonly takes inspiration from steampunk, fantasy and rock-n-roll, it can also simply be a blend of two or more wedding styles that represent everything you love.

Alternative wedding styles

Alternative wedding in a forest

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Clean lines, minimal details and a pared-back palette are the order of the day for your minimal wedding. Often taking place in an urban setting, a modern wedding is impeccably planned yet appears effortlessly cool. Think chic separates for the bride, monochrome details throughout and blooms from the hottest florist in town.


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EMS Wedding Planning and Event Management – Photo credits Hiro Arts Photography

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EMS Wedding Planning and Event Management – Photo credits Hiro Arts Photography


Boho weddings are intentionally wild. Your dream wedding is a tipi tent filled with locally grown foliage garlands, hand-made details and festoon lighting, bridesmaids rocking mismatched dresses with flowers in their hair and you’re more about wellies than elegant heels!

Boho Wedding

Ella Bella Weddings & Events – Photo credits Big Fish Photography

If your signature style fits neatly into a box or you’re looking to combine more than one style for your big day, you can find the perfect planner to help you in the UKAWP wedding planner directory.


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