Wedding Supplier Membership

Over the past couple of years, an increasing number of wedding suppliers have asked us whether there is some way they can become more involved in/ possibly join the UKAWP.
We have ‘ummed and ahhhed’ about this but decided this year to undertake some anonymous research amongst a wide variety of suppliers (in terms of geography, size, sector etc).
The research overwhelmingly suggested that it would make sense to allow wedding suppliers who adhere to our Code of Business Practice and who work, or want to work, closely with professional wedding planners, to join us in some way.
We are therefore launching a 2 year pilot of ‘Wedding Supplier Membership’ from today.
Our goals are to:
  • help new planner members to access suppliers who are keen to work with professional planners, and vice versa;
  • increase the budget we are able to allocate annually to bride facing marketing which benefits all members, be they planners or suppliers from other wedding industry sectors;
  • strengthen the UKAWP brand and overall professionalism in planning and executing weddings.
As a pilot, this will initially only be open to applicants based in the UK.
If you are a wedding industry supplier, a current member, or any other interested party, please don’t hesitate to contact Sandy on with any questions or apply here.

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