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Phil Drinkwater Photography

Hi and congratulations!

My goal for wedding photography is, at the end of the day, for it to seem like you had a friend with you for the day. We’ll have fun, I’ll chat to your guests at times and generally relax everyone around me because I know it can be stressful having a camera pointed at you.

But aside from the fun of the day, my photography is elegant, relaxed, has a sense of humor and is based on very strong photographic principles. Throughout, I have meticulous attention to detail, from originally clicking the button right through to the post production.

I also love to travel, so if you’re getting married abroad, I would love to be involved in bringing back the most amazing set of photographs for you.

- Phil

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PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS: Phil Drinkwater Photography

Phil joined us in Santorini as our wedding photographer and I can honestly say, the day wouldn't have been the same without him. He was flexible, friendly, made an effort to fit in with our friends and family and was open to all our ideas and genuinely took an interest in the day itself. The results are stunning, he captured so many moments that we'll treasure forever. A good wedding photographer is money well spent, an amazing wedding photographer captures your dreams and vision while becoming part of the magic itself! Thank you Phil.

- Carla Kenny

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