Wedding Trends 2021

Micro Ceremony in 2020 photo by Fiona Kelly

With COVID putting a stop to weddings as we know it, couples used the time to reflect on what they truly want from their wedding. From discussing this with our wedding planners and wedding suppliers, it would appear couples are concentrating on the “marriage” itself and celebrating with guests to show they care for them. Here are some of the wedding trends and developments we are seeing for 2021 along with some tips from our members.

COVID secure wedding ceremony

Micro Weddings

  • Micro weddings have become the only way to get married right now, and some couples are really embracing this. After all small doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, in fact the opposite applies.
  • They are splashing out and spoiling their guests from personalising stationery, and bespoke gifts to carefully crafted menus with options that appeal to every guest.
  • Couples are selecting their favourite restaurants to have the wedding breakfast whereas this would have been out of their budget if the wedding was larger
All my mini weddings last year had ‘zoom’ guests. One even had the grooms mum, who lives in Australia, doing a reading. Mini doesn’t mean less stylish or less pretty or less special. Fiona Kelly Photography 
Micro wedding cake

Guest Experience

  • Couples are beginning to include guests into their day by using technology. So even though couples are having a micro wedding they are inviting additional guests by zoom. In some instances guests are fully included in the ceremony by reciting a poem or reading.
  • Virtual guests are being sent little gifts in advance so they feel included. This could be mini bottles of prosecco to toast with them. A slice of wedding cake. Copy of the order of service or perhaps a small wedding favour.

With smaller weddings becoming more popular couples can really splash out and spoil their guests from personalising stationery, and bespoke gifts to carefully crafted menus with options that appeal to every guest. Andri, Always Andri

Being creative and for those guests who cant attend in person sent a ‘favour’ gift bag ahead of the wedding for them to open and enjoy when watching the celebrations via video link – such as favourite tipple, sweet treat etc Catrina, FinFlukra Weddings


  • Statement backdrops will be on the increase as couples put more emphasise on the areas framing their wedding ceremony. Especially in the case of micro weddings as couples will still want beautiful images as a reminder of their day
  • Interestingly couples are still asking for 3-4 tier statement cakes but are asking cake makers how to distribute to their friend and family after the wedding. Or thinking about ways to have the statement cake but without the wastage.


Elopement by The Stars Inside

Couples might be planning a wedding for 15 but that doesn’t mean they’re going to forego their three or even four tier cake.  We’ve been coming up with design ideas as to how to create this for them. Bluebell Kitchen

Wedding Cake for a micro wedding


  • Couples are now really ensuring their weddings are authentic to them and not listening as much to the noise of friends and family. They want to ensure every aspect of their day is meaningful.
  • Scalability has become a thing, who would have known it would! Couples need to ensure their wedding will work for every eventuality, whether 15 guests or 150+ guests
  • Split celebrations , lots of couples are planning their postponed micro wedding for 2021 which will be beautiful and meaningful. But then they are planning a larger celebration with a celebrant ceremony in 2022. In essence they are celebrating twice. And after 2020 why not!
  • As every year approaches couples are becoming more and more conscious of the planet and sustainability. They do not want to see wastage as a result of their wedding.

Making weddings more sustainable, couples are becoming more eco conscious and want their weddings to be memorable but also kind to our planet. Michelle, Fusion Events

Completely authentic weddings – every single element is true and meaningful to the couple themselves. Wiskow & White

Scaleable wedding planning – planning for every eventuality from 15 guests all the way through to large guest numbers. Michelle, Elegante by Michelle J

Micro wedding ceremony by Fiona Kelly


Bluebell Kitchen Cake by Rebecca Douglas

Ceremony images by Fiona Kelly 

Table setting organised by The Stars Inside and photographed by Natalie J Photography

Micro cake by Christina May Cake Design

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