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Planning your wedding with me is all about us working together to create an create an exceptional celebration of your love story. I’ll be there to inspire and empower you to create the wedding you want while easing your worries and having fun along the way.

With a decade of wedding planning expertise to my name, I blend creative vision, incredible industry connections, and a practical hands-on approach to pull off the big ideas. Of course, I can take care of the organisation side of things. But more than that, I can also inspire you in ways you didn’t think possible and make sure you never lose sight of what really matters – celebrating your love surrounded by your closest friends and family.

From country houses, to tipis in a field, and multi-cultural gatherings that bring together family from overseas- no two weddings are ever the same, just like the lovely couples I’ve got to know along the way.

My wedding planning service is designed around you and I can help with all areas of your wedding. From designing your concept and décor to sourcing and managing the best suppliers to make it happen.  With me by your side, you get a super-organised, down to earth, creative thinker, who’ll guide you through the process and guarantee an unforgettable wedding that is truly you.

- Andri -

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We can probably say thank you a million times and it still would not be enough. You created something so much more valuable than any material thing we could buy. You gave us and out families’ memories we will all sorts to look back on and remember with so much love and happiness. To us it was perfection.

- M+S London Wedding -