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My name is Emma Morena Stringer, and as you can see Events Made Special also uses my initials.  This is not a coincidence, I felt it was important for the company name to have a strong connection to me. EMS is a bespoke wedding and event planning company dedicated to creating awe-inspiring, breathtaking experiences with my clients at the centre.

We offer a customised planning service which covers all aspects of the planning process, from start to finish, aimed at clients who would like the expertise and full support of a professional planner.  Our comprehensive network of contacts in the U.K. and around the world provides us access to unique locations and original ideas.

It takes time and commitment to research, find the perfect venue and reliable suppliers, while deciding on the wedding styling. EMS will cover all aspects of wedding planning, from start to finish.  Our signature wedding offers you the opportunity to spend quality time with your guests, some of whom may have travelled from further afield, taking the pressure off needing to fit everything into a single day.

We specialise in the design and management of stylish bespoke events and once in a life time celebrations. From finding the perfect venue, helping you choose the theme and style, to greeting guests, we will plan, design and manage every aspect of your celebration, from concept through to delivery so you can spend quality time with your guests.

- Emma -

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Working with Emma is a guarantee of success. She is resourceful and hugely competent no matter how complicated the event is. Peace of mind is possible knowing any problem which may occur will be solved with no difficulty.

- Susana -