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The Stars Inside is a bespoke wedding and elopement planning, styling, and design studio curating meaningful experiences in the world’s most beautiful places.

I offer a comprehensive planning and design service anywhere in the world, specialising in soulful elopements and unique, intimate weddings – celebrations that feel like home, no matter the size. I pride myself in curating experiences that are heartfelt and authentic, where every detail is considered. What fills my heart the most is connecting with madly in love couples that want to shake things up a bit, and be true to themselves without preconceptions or expectations on what their wedding should be. I’m not here for the posed, scripted, and staged – I’m here for the story weavers, the box-defiers, and the magic-believers.

I help you embrace your own individual style, weaving in your unique character and personality in every decision, while supporting you every step of the journey. I collaborate with you to create experiences that are imaginative, sophisticated, and impeccably executed, making magic all along the way by capturing the legacy of who you are becoming together.

Whether you’re looking for a wedding planner to join you for the whole journey, a stylist to help you with the aesthetics, or support in bringing to life an intimate elopement anywhere around the world – whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist – whether your venue is a manor, an art gallery, or a cliffside – I’ve got you. If you’re here to create a celebration that is true to YOU, I’m your person.

- Valentina -

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Valentina is an incredible wedding planner, and we're honestly so happy that we hired her! Without her, our wedding wouldn't have been anywhere near as beautiful, personal, fun and special as it was on the day. Valentina goes above and beyond and has so much to add to your special day - literally every time we would say something, she would send us a comprehensive list of things we’d never even thought of, and equally approach us with suggestions for other elements we could add to the day and may not have considered alone. Valentina will work tirelessly for you, but only ever showing calm and being so respectful and friendly to everyone she comes across. Valentina balanced her efficiency and formal tone with an approachable manner, which I think kept everyone on our side throughout, despite any of our ‘demands’ or complications. We were given regular email updates and notified of all important dates/deadlines and requirements, and she always responded to our questions and queries promptly throughout which was so appreciated. Valentina organised all of the wedding tasks using a multitude of email, social media, WhatsApp and wedding app platforms to help us manage all tasks. Whatever way you choose or prefer to run the wedding related organisation, Valentina tailors her approach to your needs. We were able to enjoy our wedding day safe in the knowledge that Valentina was handling everything behind the scenes professionally and efficiently, and without the need to involve us. Deciding which planner to hire is one of the most important decisions you can make during the wedding journey, and I can say without any hesitation that choosing Valentina will be the best decision that you can make as a couple! You will not only have a brilliant wedding planner, but a caring and dedicated friend.

- C & O -