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Dreamwave Events

Dreamwave Events is built around its great team of individuals that have come together with the same enthusiasm and drive to succeed. This is really shown in all aspects of the business from the day to day running, to the end result. Whether it is a full dance floor from one of our skilled DJs, or an amazing look and theme created by our lighting crew just for you. We are a group of friends who really enjoy our work!

We can either provide you with a Dreamwave DJ for your wedding that knows how to party, or we could hire you some awesome Dreamwave Lighting, D├ęcor effects to enhance your venue. These can be booked together or separately.

- Dave -

We just wanted to drop you a message and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for being an amazing part of our wedding day on April 15th. The music was SO GOOD!!! I had a friend who is a bit of a hardcore gig and festival goer, who I thought may question our music a bit or be a bit of a wedding music snob, but he let us know how brilliant the music had been and how amazing the DJ had been, controlling the room, listening to requests (but not just putting them on next, judging when they should be played) and really keeping the whole evening bouncing! He really understood what type of music we liked, even from our short list of songs and genres, it was THE BEST!! I have to apologise, because with all the immense tunes and me throwing my rave arm around a bit too much, I was just having too much fun to even blink, and I didn't get to say hello, thank you or goodnight to our amazing DJ. Please will you pass on all of the above to him, and thank him for being THE BEST DJ EVER!

- Kate and Di -