What if weddings are paused autumn and winter 2021?

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Earlier this week when hosting our monthly coffee morning a discussed came up around how couples are feeling right now with the uncertainty. After a summer of weddings couples are worried about their autumn or winter weddings. Will we go back in lockdown? What if the wedding needs to be postponed? Can they travel to another country as planned for their wedding? Part of the role for the wedding industry is to reassure them, so how is it we can do this? I asked members what have they been doing to help their couples because the truth is , none of us can predict what will happen.

I ask couples to be prepared, this is especially vital as I specialise in large asian weddings. So I recommend they start to think about what could their guest list look like if they need to reduce numbers. But outside of this I stay in communication with them and send a little message around key holiday dates so they know I am thinking of them. Sonal Dave, Wedding Celebrant 

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I keep the energy high with clients and ensure there is open communication,  I touch base with them regularly even if the wedding is not happening for a while, they need to know I am still thinking of them, they are important to me. I create positivity with our discussions, but also reassure them I am in control when just updating them on current restrictions or working on postponing their wedding.  Part of my role is to work diligently in the background with all suppliers ensuring any changes happen smoothly and calmly. Emily Andrews, Elite Wedding Planner member


I schedule regular 30 minute catch up zooms with my clients to keep the excitement about the wedding high energy. Sometimes when weddings are being postponed couples can begin to feel disconnected to their wedding so my role is to help keep the energy high. We have fun on the calls and laugh, generally just connecting again. Nikki , Perfect World Ceremonies

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I pre empt questions they may have and ensure I not only have the answers but send this to my clients before they ask me. Part of couples distress over the last 18 months has been centered around the uncertainty, it’s the unknown, so I concentrate on facts, what do we know? And I make sure this information is passed onto my couples. Martina , Wonderful Events

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I ensure my social media is positive, if I portray frustration and distress on my platforms then this in turn will worry my clients. So I open up the communication staying in touch with them by touching base on a regular basis. Stephanie, Elite Member Safe and Sound

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I believe by showcasing the evidence it helps couples feel in control. So we talk about what is the worst case scenario then we work back from there. So what do we know for sure? By doing this it helps couples feel like they have control back and they are not quite as restricted by the unknown. Helen Noble Celebrant of Surrey

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As I am based in Germany and have couples coming to me from the UK it is important I am open and flexible with when they want to talk to me. They know if they need me my phone is on and I will speak to them and reassure them. Its important they know how any UK restrictions could affect their wedding in Germany. Yvonne Beck Ceremonies Supplier Member

It’s clear that the biggest tip is opening the communication with your clients. Even if their wedding is not for a while send a message so they know you are thinking of them. Send a monthly newsletter answering all preempted questions and government updates relating to weddings. Don’t be a stranger, ensure they feel special and wanted as a client.

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