What is a wedding industry coach?

wedding industry coaching

If you have been in business for a few years, you may wonder what on earth all this fuss about business coaches is? Although it might feel like a new industry I have been using business coaches since 2009. I guess the difference is – you had to go searching for a coach whereas social media has made business far more visible.

Here at the UKAWP we have been mentoring planners for – well – forever so again it’s not such a new service to us either. I thought a little explanation on what wedding industry coaching is. Firstly there are lots of different coaches out there each specialising in different areas. I am a Mindset and Business Coach and I’m one half of the UKAWP!

marquee wedding plannerMy COACHING strengths
  • Business Startups / Growth / Rebrand
  • Mindset/Positivity
  • Goal setting
  • Profitability of your business
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Marketing strategies

I absolutely cannot recommend Bernadette highly enough, if you are serious about your business and the industry and are in need of guidance, I don’t think you will find better. I have learnt SO much and not only feel equipped with knowledge, I feel confident in my abilities. Bernadette’s wisdom, guidance and support has been incredible and I am privileged for the opportunity to have worked with her. Cassandra June Weddings

So why do wedding businesses hire coaches? It’s normally that the business has stalled, the business owner might be struggling with a business idea, setting goals, unsure of their place in an ever changing wedding industry. There are literally so many reasons why wedding business owners hire me. Its my role to reverse any negative mindset thoughts into positive ones, guide them on the right path to ensure future success. The wedding industry has changed rapidly over the years and sometimes businesses are not moving fast enough, sometimes fear is stopping them from reaching their full potential. A wedding industry coach is able to coach them on growing or starting a business in a creative industry.

From the moment we had our first conversation I knew that Bernadette was the perfect mentor for me. Her help to fulfil my vision & goals with working with my ideal clients, branding, website and marketing has been phenomenal. Artistan by Bushrah

What happens during the coaching? To begin with you can book a chat to check we’re a good fit. Once we agree to work together I send you a questionnaire to fill in. I will then arrange a 90 minute welcome call to discuss the questionnaire and work on an action plan for your coaching. By working out your priorities we can come up with a tangible plan for your coaching.

Outside of your welcome call you’ll receive 12 x 60 minute calls via Skype over 4 months , after each call we’ll discuss clear actions for you to complete until our next call. At times you will be given workbooks to complete if pertaining to a specific topic, likewise at times the coaching might include more formal training modules. Prior to each call you will send me a questionnaire reviewing our last call and listing the success or challenges you have faced since we spoke. When we speak I’ll be holding you accountable to the “actions” you were set.


wedding industry coach

“I have recently completed 1:1 mentoring with Bernadette and it has been life changing for me in respect of my business as well as on a personal level. I have been a established 6 years as a wedding planner but last year, although my most successful year in business I reached a low mentally and had some bad experiences that really had a knock on effect of my confidence.

I am now in full control of my business and have achieved so much with my new mindset as well as my goals for 2018, worked on my SEO, have a greater understanding of my business and who my ideal client is and more importantly how to get them.” Inspired by Susie Evans

  • What If…

    Your calendar was booked full of ideal clients?
    You had a business that was highly profitable?
    You created more free time to spend with your loved ones?
    You had support with your business, so you aren’t the one doing everything yourself?

    Are you ready to start working ON your business rather than simply IN your business? Then book a discovery call. I have just one space for February so lets chat and see if we are a good fit. More information can be found on our coaching page




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