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Once you have set the date and have chosen your venue next on your list will be looking at wedding stationery. With so much choice out there from professional suppliers to hobbyists, how can you be sure you are selecting the right wedding stationer? Well to begin with there are some key questions you should be asking them. We spoke to Elite Member Ananya Cards to get her advice on what questions she advises couples ask.

1. Timings.

Ask about deadlines for save the dates, invites, and on-the-day suite. Also ask when RSVPs should be due, and timescales for posting items out. For example, here at Ananya we ask for 3 months’ notice for bespoke projects.

2. Price.

Confirm at the outset what the starting prices are, and how much full suites typically cost. This will lead to more productive conversations moving forward.

3. Paper quality.

If the source and quality of the paper is important to you, let your stationer know, and ask them for suggestions that would fit your style. Thicker paper can give a much more luxurious feeling, while handmade paper can add artful layers of texture.

4. Samples.

Many stationers are happy to send samples for you to see their techniques and designs close up. Ask for a mock-up of your design to be printed – touching and seeing the stationery in person is so much more powerful than seeing it digitally, especially if you’re opting for any specialist techniques like foiling or embossing.


5. Cultures.

If you are looking to honour a particular culture, heritage, or religion in your wedding, or combining multiple backgrounds, ask if they have experience in this. This is something we love doing at Ananya, and we pride ourselves in the uniquely modern designs we have created that honour and respect traditions of multicultural weddings.

6. Process.

Some stationers offer hand lettering of envelopes and can post the invitations out for you, at an additional cost. Ask if they offer this service, and what the typical process is.

7. Bespoke vs off-the-shelf.

Most stationers offer both ‘off-the-shelf’ designs, i.e. pre-existing designs that are modified slightly to reflect your wedding details, and bespoke designs – unique to you, where a new design is created according to your brief. It is likely that there would be an additional charge for keeping that design exclusive.

8. Finishing touches.

What printing techniques do they offer and what are the differences? What about hand-made finishing touches? At Ananya we offer wax sealing, envelope liners, suites tied with silk ribbon, and much more!


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