What social platforms do brides use?

Recently we shared with you some results from the “Global Wedding Market Survey Results 2011” conducted by Lienne at Splendid Insights. For a reminder on the survey demographics or why personality counts, go to our first post or for previous slides go here.

Today we are looking at what social platforms brides use when planning their wedding, I appreciate the numbers are hard to see on the beautiful pink so here are the top 4. What are your views, is this what you expcted? Are you surprised? Brides are very visual so it’s no surprise they are embracing pinterest, so if you dont have an account yet – what’s stopping you?

Pinterest 28%

Wedding Forum Boards 25%

Twitter 20%

Facebook 15%

All the stunning imagery from this survey is by Melissa Jill .

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  1. Carmen on 29th June 2012 at 5:32 pm

    I’m not surprised at the figures at all!

    I believe that as an increasing number of brides are looking for ideas which are visually stunning and unique for their own day, they are turning towards such online platforms to gain inspiration also. Although blogs are very popular when gaining ideas – places like Pinterest is one way where they can pin their ideas quickly and easily when they see them.

    I began using Pinterest in May 2011 – I wanted to see which way trends are heading, as a place to store what I love, a way to connect with others… plus I can also use them to illustrate an idea to a client by sending them to the actual Pinterest board I’ve created.

    I also use many of the other social media platforms to complement what I do – what is right for one potential client, may not be for another and being on several of them allows extra exposure. Although it can give my business more exposure, overall, it can be time consuming to manage; above the everyday running of the business.

    However I will continue to keep utilising them as it’s an interesting way to discover what may be new everyday for both the wedding business and for home.

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