What Talents Do You Possess?

Do you have a hidden talent? Rather then keeping it to your chest tell people about it. Is it something that can be used as a benefit to clients? Maybe you have a transferrable hobby:

card making – maybe you could make the reception stationery
floral arranging – if your clients are cutting costs perhaps you could do simple table arrangements for them
dancing – suggestions for appropriate first dances

Being a wedding planner can be isolating at times so it is important to have other interests to revitalise yourself. So whatever your passion, don’t let it slip and don’t keep quiet about it. I know one planner who had trained as a counsellor so offers new clients a pre marriage session to talk about fears and dreams. One of our members (Elisabeth Sayer Weddings) is a colour expert so can advise clients what colours they should be using in their wedding.

You only have to watch Britain’s Got Talent to see how varied peoples skills and passions are. Some are good and some are bad. But perhaps you are like just like this very special lady.

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