What you'll really learn – new wedding planner training

We like top tens here at UKAWP. It’s obviously the love of ” to do lists” which a top ten sort of feels like. We couldn’t help sharing with you 10 things that we know you’ll learn if you join us on our Business Practicalities Training Course for individuals looking to enter our lovely industry. 

After two days with us you’ll know:

  •   How many jobs a good wedding planner really works on per year
  •  How the client relationship really works
  •  What prices you should charge and what services to offer
  •  How to get started in a very practical way – what you actually need to do (and it’s not tasting champagne or meeting dress designers)
  •  Your first year of marketing spend – what to focus on
  •  What materials you actually need and what’s a waste
  •  Pitfalls and problems you encounter in dealing with the emotions of weddings
  •  How long it takes to get up and running and turning a profit
  •  How different your industry colleagues are and the importance of a unique selling point
  •  The importance of ongoing education, industry friends and boundless energy!

Directors of UKAWP and course tutors

 Of course there is much more besides that we cover in our highly practical, intensive two-day course. For the full course brochure  including dates and costs please take a look here.

And if you’d like to speak to one of the course tutors in advance, please contact Bernadette, our training director on or 01376 561544. 

We only have a couple of places left on our London course on 10/11 September so please book soon if you’re keen.

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