What's your USP?

Back in October Kelly did a post titled ‘Being Yourself’  following on from one on Think Splendid  and I thought it might be prudent to follow on from this. I regularly review my business at Dream Occasions and think about ways I can improve. In order to do this I have to think about what my USP is. After all there are so many brilliant planners out there now so why hire me? I can totally relate to what Liene says on her post “You have a new logo, new fonts, and maybe even a new workflow system – more streamlined to deliver better customer service.  You’re different than the competition. Until the competition catches up.” This has happened to me so many times over the years!

But rather then get frustrated about it, I concentrate on my business strategy and what makes me unique. My USP is my knowledge and expertise of marquee events in East Anglia, I can honestly walk onto a field and work out the logistics instantly, this has only come by due to the number of marquee events I have organised.

Its worth noting that sometimes your USP will change, I remember Simone from Dimples events saying her USP was being ‘the only UKAWP member in Kent’ , as the UKAWP has grown so has our membership in that area. 

Andrea from Fabulous Days offers a unique service for Mother of the Bride which has been incredibly successful bringing her new business via Mother referrals. This is her USP and works well with her personality, it wouldn’t work for everyone.

So when working out your default diary   (you do use one don’t you?) why not schedule some time to review your business and in particular your USP?

I’d love to hear your views about what works for you.

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