Where is your Next Booking Coming From?

You have your website optimised, you are advertising, and you’re doing your PR so now the calls should flood in right? Well not always, you can’t just sit back and relax. You need to stay one step ahead; you need to be improving your lead strategies.

One way to do this is by networking so if there is an industry event whereby you can meet other planners or wedding related experts then try to attend. But don’t attend unless there are people there you want to meet otherwise you’ll resent the time out of the office. The UKAWP hold events throughout the year so keep checking our events page and look out for other events hosted by venues or caterers.

Additionally I advise networking within your local business community; after all, personal recommendations are far more likely to get you a consultation. There are many groups out there but I have listed some of the popular ones below so you can choose the most suitable for you:

Women On Top
Women In Business

Top tips for successful networking

–    Attend regularly otherwise people won’t recognise or remember you
–    Take business cards with you but don’t hand out unless someone asks you as this is seen as poor etiquette
–    Write on the back of business cards given to you noting date you met, event & what they were like
–    Create a networking folder and put all business cards in there with your notes of course
–    Offer to present at one of the events
–    Be clear on what you want, leads for people getting married in Hertfordshire for example
–    Be interested in other people, you never know when you might need their skill/services

If there are any other networking groups you recommend please let us know. What works for you at networking events?

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