Who owns the UKAWP?

UKAWP Director

Personal connection is so important in the wedding industry, building the like + know + trust in our clients is essential. And that is certainly true for the UKAWP, our history is available for all to see. Did you know that our owner launched the UKAWP in 2004? 18 years of supporting and nurturing wedding businesses, knowing the history of a company is so important and so is knowing the integrity of the owner.

I love empowering business owners to be the best they can. I get passionate about seeing the growth of members and thinking of ways I can help. I believe in collaborations and invariably I see members team up together on projects or weddings. From the very start of the UKAWP I preached community over competition, way before it became a popular hashtag to use!  You can trust me and trust the UKAWP. You know if you have been approved it’s because of how fabulous you are due to the vetting procedure we go through. Members know I ooze honesty and will never mislead them, ever.

Bernadette Chapman, UKAWP Owner | Creative Business Consultant 

UKAWP Owner Bernadette Chapman
Why trust Bernadette Chapman, head of the UKAWP?

It can be hard to give your trust to someone you’ve never met. So why should you trust Bernadette?

Why is it members frequently mention her in their testimonials?

We touched base with Bernadette to understand what makes her tick in business.

➡️  I’m introverted but a go getter, leader not follower

➡️  Have trained in excess of 950 wedding planners (conservative number)

➡️  20 years in the wedding industry, before social media even existed

➡️  I have adapted and improved my businesses over the years, I never stay complacent

➡️  Unique and original, I never follow the crowd, I’ve been first with new concepts many times

➡️  I believe in facing your fear, and I do push my members + clients to do the same

➡️  I believe in tenacity, never ever give up on your dreams. Just rethink how to make them happen

➡️  Complete integrity and honesty – this isn’t a buzz word its the truth, blame my catholic upbringing

➡️ And finally I will be your biggest cheerleader. You are not a statistic to me. I want you SUCCEED. In fact I demand you succeed 🥰

Just a few words of love from members

“Bernadette has an amazing talent for making you dig deep, set achievable goals and champions you every single step of the way.” Weddings By Mary

“Bernadette is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the UKAWP to any fellow wedding planner, and often do!” Your Wedding, Your Way

“Bernadette has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is always there to offer help and advice, she has built a strong community of wedding professionals that I’m proud to be part of.” Safe and Sound Event Childcare

“Bernadette is a professional, hard working and honest wedding professional, who works tirelessly to promote our industry and the incredible companies that work within it. She has alway been very supportive of my wedding planning business and of me as an individual.” Jane Riddell, Planned for Perfection


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