Why our members selected interactive classroom courses

Over the years we have trained hundreds of individuals to become wedding planners, and always face to face or in rare occasions via Skype for international clients. But why continue to do this in a world that is incresingly web based? Wedding planners use the internet for 80% of their job so why do we not teach in this way?

We believe the most successful way to learn a new skill is by interacting with like-minded individuals which is why we only run classroom based training. Each tutor has 8-10 years experience enabling them to bring real life scenarios to the classroom and highlight teachings face to face.

In our courses we encourage interaction with our students, we ask probing questions to see what the wedding planning market is like in their area. By discussing price strategies openly we help you create a formula to ensure our business is run profitably. We could list the benefits of classroom teaching but instead have a read of this blog post by Dan Tobin a business coach in the U.S.

We contacted some of our fabulous members to ask them “Why did they train with us?” over the next few weeks I will share those comments with you, starting with Nikki from I Do Designer Weddings


It was phenomenal to be in a room with real wedding planners and able to ask lots of questions.  Also a great opportunity to meet others starting on their new business journey.  It helps to have others in the same situation to go through the process with, it’s not easy setting up a new business and having someone there to discuss it with is a real lifeline.

I made some exceptional friends from the course and we are in constant contact discussing business issues and helping each other out.

Don’t underestimate how lonely running your own business is.  The UKAWP courses give you a ready made network of people to call upon on those days when everything seems to be going wrong, or people to share the joys with when you sign up lots of clients! 


If you want to learn how to become a wedding planner then we would love to show you how….to learn a little more view our brochure via our website   .


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