Why trust the UKAWP?

UKAWP Doors Open (6)

In a world where anyone can launch a website that looks beautiful, how can you truly trust someone to deliver on their promises? How can you ensure you are not getting “ripped” off by someone that has launched a membership? As generation x I always believe in asking the questions. I never take a website or social media as proof, instead I do my own due diligence and research.

So here are some truths to help you along when thinking about membership of the UKAWP. (But why not look at our testimonials on google as well? )

☑️  Leading industry body for the wedding industry

☑️  Our original purpose remains true today “Promoting Professionalism in the Industry”

☑️  In a world of memberships and many wedding experts. You can trust the longevity of the UKAWP.

☑️  We have a proven track record of trust

☑️  Not a pay to be listed model – every member has been vetted first

☑️  Do not confuse us with a directory. We HAVE a directory but we are NOT a directory.

☑️  We are passionate about promoting those with integrity, honesty and creativity.

☑️  Not a faceless organisation you will interact with me


All words below are words member used to describe us in a recently survey.


p.s Doors open to membership until Monday 22nd June

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